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Monday, February 11, 2013


Journalist Nick Turse describes his personal mission to compile a complete and compelling account of the Vietnam War’s horror as experienced by all sides, including innocent civilians who were sucked into its violent vortex.

Turse, who devoted 12 years to tracking down the true story of Vietnam, unlocked secret troves of documents, interviewed officials and veterans — including many accused of war atrocities — and traveled throughout the Vietnamese countryside talking with eyewitnesses to create his book, Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.

“American culture has never fully come to grips with Vietnam,” Turse tells Bill Moyers, referring to “hidden and forbidden histories that just haven’t been fully engaged.”

It's important to have Turse further document these atrocities which have essentially been US official policy from the genocide of Native Americans - to the war on the Philippines - to the Korean War - and onto Iraq and Afghanistan today. Kill them all - a policy that repeatedly came from the highest levels of the US government.

The Pentagon always claims that our "enemies have no respect for human life" but the facts point to just the opposite being the truth.


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